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Saturday, 10 February 2024 / Published in blog

The name of printer is more or less known to all of us. We always see this kind of device in small computer shops in front of office court or school-college, university. Although we see the printer with our eyes, many of us do not have a clear idea about its use. So we have organized today’s article with all the details related to the printer so that from here you can get all the information about the printer at one go.

printer paper set cartoon. office computer, document scanner, digital machine printer paper vector illustration

What is the printer?

A printer is a hardware device that prints the output of a computer on a piece of paper. You can print any type of text, file, image, document, application form etc. on paper using this machine.

What kind of device is the printer?

A printer is an automatic hardware output device that is connected to a computer or PC. The computer outputs as per its instructions and you can print one to one and a half pages or more with it. In a word, it receives data from the computer and transfers it to paper. You can print out the PDF file of any book or presentation, assignment.

How many types of printers?

Printers are basically divided into two parts like Impact Printer and Non-impact Printer.

1. Impact Printer:

In this type of printer, the ink of the paper works directly through the ribbon and applies a special type of pressure on the paper, i.e. impact, during printing. And so it is called an impact printer.

Impact printers are again divided into two categories. Namely:

1. Dot matrix printer

These printers were generally more popular in the nineties. Although the use of this type of printer is very low at present, this type of printer is still used in many places. One of its special features is that you can easily do any type of printing with dot.

2. Daisy Wheel Printer

Dot matrix printers have a wheel in the middle and look like flower petals. Each character on this wheel has a rod placed between them and when it hits a piece of paper, it is printed on the paper by pressure. It takes more time to print on such printers which are basically capable of printing 10-75 characters.

2. Non-Impact Printer

Non-impact printers do not apply pressure or impact to the paper. It prints pictures, letters, images without any contact on the printer head paper.

Non-impact printers can be further divided into three categories

1. Laser printer

To print through laser, it is called laser printer. These types of printers are mostly used in schools, colleges, universities and other specialized places.

2. Inkjet printer

In this type of printer, the ink is sprayed so that the text printed on the paper can also be printed beautifully. Besides, you can also give color print through this printer.

3. Thermal printer

A thermal printer typically uses a type of paper that prints using heated pins when exposed to heat. These types of printers are generally used in banks, offices, shopping malls and atm offices.

What does the printer do?

The main function of the printer is to convert the soft copy into hard copy. That is, a printer can usually print digital data on paper. Apart from this, it is possible to scan and copy anything through the printer. Any text can be easily printed or xeroxed through a printer. Printers are also very important for printing different types of designs. You will know about the printer price in BD from Online Websites.

What works as a printer connected to the computer?

A printer works like a resource with a computer. In this case, the cable that comes with the printer connects the Ethernet devices to the computer’s twisted pair cable.

Rules for connecting a printer to a computer

It is possible to easily connect the printer to the computer by following these rules:

First, place the printer near the computer;

There is always a software installed on the DVD that comes with the printer, check if it is installed on your computer. If not, install it.

But even if it is not installed, there is no harm. As soon as the printer is connected to the computer, the notification will appear on your computer. Then the software must be installed according to the command given on the screen of the computer.

When all the work is done, go to the control panel of the computer and click on Devices and Printers. Then you can easily find the printer and confirm the job command.

Rules for printing from computer

To print from a computer, you need to connect the printer to the computer with a cable. Then go to the computer and open the file, open the menu bar for the file you want to print and click on the print option. As soon as you click it, you will be asked another option for paper size and number. After filling the options and clicking on the print option, your documents will start printing.

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